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ACRP SELA Kickoff Event - Meet the Speaker Q&A Session

The Board of Directors of the Southeast Louisiana (SELA) chapter of ACRP is proud to host Daniele Farrisi, MPH, of the Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI) as our speaker for our upcoming kickoff event on Thursday March 28, 2019. This networking event will be held at Central City BBQ from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

To help you get to know more about Daniele and LPHI, she was gracious enough to sit with us for a quick Q&A session:

Daniele Farrisi, MPH, Senior Manager of Family Health, Louisiana Public Health Institute

Q: How long have you been working in the healthcare industry/with LPHI?

A: I’ve been in healthcare for 13 years. I’ve been with LPHI for the past 6 years. Prior to my career in healthcare, I had a brief career in scientific research.

Q: What does LPHI do within the healthcare/clinical research industry?

A: LPHI has a number of initiatives related to healthcare and health research. We work with health care providers on a number of clinical quality improvement initiatives. We are also in the health information technology space as the administrator of the Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange.

On the research side, we administer REACHnet which is a research network that supports studies through a multi-site data network and patient engagement initiatives. LPHI is a public health institute, so we strive to bring a lens of population health and health equity to all of the work we do.

Q: What does clinical research mean to you?

A: Ideally, clinical research is a partnership between healthcare stakeholders (sponsors, researchers, patients, clinicians, staff) to innovate and improve treatment options and healthcare delivery.

Q: What advice do you have for professionals looking to grow within the clinical research industry in southeast Louisiana?

A: Build your professional network. Learn about what your colleagues are doing. You might find something you can apply to your own work!

Q: What do clinical research professionals have an opportunity to learn about during your presentation on March 28th?

A: They will learn about clinic-based research from the perspective of both the research teams and clinic staff. I will share the resources that LPHI developed to help research professional engage clinic staff throughout the research process.

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